- about tangent

Organized during an April 2016 artist residency at the Birmingham Museum of Art’s temporary satellite Shift space, Tangent moves away from the traditionally solitary means of photographic production and instead incorporates a collaborative exchange between a select group of artists invited to collectively document the geographic space between the Birmingham Museum of Art and the BMA’s downtown Shift space.

Participants could pursue their own ideas or work from a provided list of prompts. The result is a widely varied body of work that does not comprehensively document Birmingham, but instead through aggregation, selection, editing, and exhibition provides nuanced social, cultural and aesthetic subtexts through a look at the city’s citizens, monuments, landscape, architecture, and detritus.

In addition to an installation of selected works in the Shift space, participants’ photographs were shared via the Shift Instagram feed @shiftbham.

Participating photographers:
Rob Culpepper
Jenny Fine
Wes Frazer
Timothy Harstvedt
Devin Lunsford
C.W. Newell
Cary Norton
Carolyn Sherer
Orlando Thompson
Leita Turner