An evolving reading list of selected Alabama-focused literature and history, along with titles on photo history and ethics, documentary practices, and contemporary imagemakers. Each title is linked to synopses and additional info.

History, Anthropology, Race, and Environment:
Alabama’s Mitcham Wars – Jerry Elijah Brown
Alabama: The History of a Deep South State, Bicentenial Edition – William Warren Rogers, Leah Rawls Atkins, Wayne Flint, et al.
All God’s Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw – Nate Shaw, compiled by Theodore Rosengarten
Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee – Casey Cep
Inside Alabama: A Personal History of My State – Harvey H. Jackson III
Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men – James Agee and Walker Evans

The Origins of Totalitarianism – Hannah Arendt
Salvation on Sand Mountain – Dennis Covington, with Melissa Springer and Jim Neel
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus – Andrew Douglas, dir.

This Radical Land – Daegan Miller
To Live in the South, One Has To Be a Scar Lover – Maaike Gouwenberg, Joris Lindhout, eds.

Vision & Justice: A Civic CurriculumSarah Lewis, ed.
The World-Ending Fire – Wendell Berry
You Have Seen Their Faces – Erskine Caldwell and Margaret Bourke-White

Photo History and Criticism:
Capturing the South: Imagining America’s Most Documented Region – Scott Matthews
Civil Imagination – Ariella Azoulay
The Documentary Impulse – Stuart Franklin
The Making of an Argument – Gordon Parks and Russell Lord
Shot in Alabama – Frances Osborn Robb

And Time Folds – Vanessa Winship
American Geography – Matt Black
American Photographs – Walker Evans
Blind Spot – Teju Cole
Day Sleeper – Dorothea Lange and Sam Contis
Deep Springs – Sam Contis
Domesticated Land – Susan Lipper
El Libro de la Suerte – Rose Marie Cromwell
Election Eve – William Eggleston
Errors of Posession – Garrett Grove
Find a Falling Star – Regine Petersen
Grays the Mountain Sends – Bryan Schutmaat
Highway Kind – Justine Kurland
I Walk Toward the Sun Which is Always Going DownAlan Huck
Jasper – Matthew Genitempo
Lost Coast – Curran Hattleburg
Manifest – Kristine Potter
Marked, Unmarked, Remembered – Andrew Lichtenstein
Message to the Future – Danny Lyon
Nothing That Falls Away – Eliot Dudik and Meg Griffiths
The Notion of Family – LaToya Ruby Frazier
On This Site – Joel Sternfeld
Road Through Midnight – Jessica Ingram
She Dances on Jackson – Vanessa Winship
Sleeping by the Mississippi – Alec Soth
Songbook – Alec Soth
South Trilogy – Mark Steinmetz
What the Living Carry – Morgan Ashcom
Working from Memory – William Christenberry
ZZYZX – Gregory Halpern